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Florida Video Production Company Serves Up Grouper Week TV Ad

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Every year in July, St. Petersburg celebrates Grouper Week, a delicious celebration of the native grouper fish. This year, the festivities kick off on July 22nd in St. Petersburg/Clearwater, the grouper capital of the world. Our Florida video production company along with St. Pete Film Commissioner Tony Armer teamed up to produce a La La Land-inspired dance commercial promoting the festival and the fish!

St. Petersburg production company films commercial.

Our Tampa Steadicam crew films the dancers mid-take.

The 30-second TV ad was filmed on location at a local beach house in Gulfport, overlooking the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast. Choreographer Johanne Castagan created a dance in the style of the La La Land pool scene from last year’s Oscar-winning film. Twenty dancers including three stunt people performed the choreography.

Florida production company creates a choreography for the actors.

The dancers hit their marks in the choreography finale.

The ad was filmed in a one-take shot with no editing; and so, the team had to get everything just right – needless to say the rehearsals paid off!

St. Petersburg video production films dancers.

Filming the one-take on Steadicam for the Grouper Week TV commercial.

Armer directed the commercial with Litewave Media’s Christian Cashmir acting as cinematographer. Our St. Petersburg video production crew also included Eric Coughlin who operated Steadicam and Andrew Ortoski as gaffer, whose team rigged up the surrounding trees with string lights to accentuate the depth of the scene.

St. Petersburg video company films one-take St. Petersburg commercial.

A Florida sunset serves as a beautiful backdrop for the video.

The Litewave Media Tampa grip truck rental was on hand to supply the ARRI Skypanel s60 as our key light and a variety of additional fixtures and grip equipment to set the scene. The lighting team actually rigged the Skypanel on the roof of the house for the perfect angle!

Florida production company created commercial on Steadicam.

Our Tampa production company films the actors on Steadicam.

The song, “Another Day of Sun,” from La La Land was re-recorded with new grouper-infused lyrics written by Armer and performed by Alex Harris, a local Tampa Bay musician.

Florida video company is skilled in filming complex scenes.

Actor Jason Henne gets up close and personal with a grouper sandwich!

Check your local television station for the Grouper Week TV spot which began airing July 13… or catch a sneak peak below!

On filming the project, Cashmir said, “Nothing beats filming on St. Pete’s beautiful coastline. Great crew, gorgeous sunsets… what more could you ask for?!”

Florida video company has a highly talented crew.

The dancers and crew after wrapping filming on the commercial.

Check out grouperweek.com for more info and the events that are planned for the festivities.

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Tampa Video Production Company Produces STAR WARS Fan Film!!

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

A few weeks back, our Tampa video production company had the chance to write, shoot, and edit a Star Wars fan film for the official competition sponsored by Lucasfilm and Disney! The challenge, put on yearly, encourages filmmakers to write, produce, and edit their very own fan film set in the Star Wars universe. There are various categories in which filmmakers can garner recognition: best visual effects, filmmaker select, audience choice, and more. When our Tampa video production company heard about the competition, we just had to throw our lightsabers into the mix!


Our Tampa film crew getting a low angle shot of young actress Lennon Brock (just 5 years old!).

We started out with an idea from Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir and developed it into a short story with the help of writers Mike Garland, Mario Graniello and Steffen Thiel. We wrote in a bit of mystery, intrigue, sprinkled in some tragedy, and of course an epic lightsaber battle (what Star Wars fan film is complete without one?)!

An professional team of stunt choreographers and performers helped to plan out the intricate battle scenes. After a few days of choreographing in detail, our Tampa video production crew were ready to capture our fight scenes on film.


Director Christian Cashmir, actress Mary McDonnell, and camera operator Jake Jalbert review footage on the set of our Star Wars fan film. (Photo: Courtesy of Anthony and Estelle Brock)

With scripts in hand, prosthetics and makeup on, and fight choreography fresh in our minds, the Litewave Media team drove our Tampa grip truck to our first location in Dead River, part of the Hillsborough Wilderness Reserve. Using our Tampa video equipment rental package, our fearless crew hauled gear through the dense woods to our filming location. Miles out, in the middle of a swamp, not unlike Dagobah, our crew setup camp for the first day of principle photography.

Working alongside park rangers, our Tampa independent film production went off without a hitch. Working around the clock, we were able to successfully film all scenes and finish the production on time despite the many challenges presented by the location.


Steffen Thiel, in his (potentially award-winning?) American film debut, as Stormtrooper TH-137.

Director Christian Cashmir and Cinematographer Eric Coughlin worked together using gear from our Tampa video equipment rental package including the Canon C300, and C300 mkII, SteadiCam, MoVi M5 with Sony A7s mkII, and plenty of lighting to give the film a cinematic look. We even brought out our portable generator to the forrest so we didn’t have to stop at Tosche Station to pick up more power converters!


Actor/Stuntmen M. Joshua Todd and TJ McDonnell ready themselves for battle during our Star Wars fan film shoot. (Photo: Courtesy of Anthony and Estelle Brock)

After a successful shoot, it was time to head back to our Tampa post production suites to start the editing process. We had a ton of excellent footage, but we needed to add in lightsaber effects and, of course, the epic sound design and music that makes every Star Wars film so unique. We utilized our Tampa recording studio to record ADR for the main characters, replacing their dialogue with studio quality recordings of their voices – much like the original Star Wars did.

Next, we reached out to our friend Angelo from Panetta Studios to partner with us on the sound design for the film; He and his team created soundscapes, brought the lightsaber battles to life, and transformed the swamp into a character in its own right. They gave our antagonist a unique voice effect as well! Our editors and visual effects team put in a few sleepless nights to make the deadline, and with the hard work of our dedicated team, our film was ready to compete!


Our editing and special effects teams work to finish our Star Wars fan film.

Finally, we submitted our completed film to LucasFilm and Disney for the Star Wars Fan Film Awards, and it was time to celebrate! aarrragghuuhw! That was Wookie for “Partaaaaay!”(seriously, we looked it up). We had the whole team over for a cast/crew screening of the finished film, which we projected on the large white cyc in our Tampa video production studio. What a blast!


Two young padawans (Zack with actress, Lennon) practice lightsaber skills during the cast/crew screening of our Star Wars fan film.

Check out the finished film below:

Do you have a feature film or Tampa short film you would like to produce? Please contact us for a free consultation. You can like Litewave Media on Facebook to check out our latest independent films. Be sure to keep up with the blog for more Tampa video production news!


Tampa Post Production Company Teams Up With Dolphin Tale Producer

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Leading Florida video production company, Litewave Media, has recently partnered with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA), made famous by the major motion picture Dolphin Tale, to produce Rescue-Clearwater. This bi-monthly web series gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at all the great work done by the staff and volunteers of the CMA right here in the Tampa Bay area.

Our Tampa post production company has been working closely with Rescue-Clearwater’s director David Yates (executive producer on the Dolphin Tale movies) and editor/videographer Joe Malo on post production. The Litewave Media video editing team has been hard at work creating 3D graphics and titles, color grading footage, as well as mixing and mastering audio for each episode at our Tampa video studio.


Litewave Media’s Tampa video crew films with Dolphin Tale stars (Nathan and Cozi) and the CMA team!

Our Tampa video crew also assists as needed on additional filming and interviews, and this week we were fortunate to film with the stars of the Dolphin Tale movies while they were in town at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium for a visit. And, for the upcoming episode on Sea Turtles, our St. Petersburg video production crew assisted with lighting and filming interviews at the aquarium as well. Litewave Media’s Tampa grip truck went on location to CMA to film with their team.


Litewave Media films with Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff for an upcoming episode of Rescue-Clearwater about Sea Turtles


“When David [Executive Producer: Dolphin Tale 2] asked our Tampa video production company to be a part of this project, we were thrilled.” says Litewave Media founder, Christian Cashmir, “It’s exciting to work with such a great team that does wonderful things for animals and for our community.” CMA not only helps rehabilitate wildlife, but their community outreach goes much further to educate and inspire. “It’s a truly great organization.”


Bay News 9 interviews David Yates (Director of Rescue-Clearwater) at Litewave Studios

The project has already gained media attention here in Tampa Bay. Litewave Media’s Tampa video company was spotlighted when Bay News 9 came to visit our production studio as we put the finishing touches on the first episode with David and Joe.

SEE THE BAY NEWS 9 NEWS STORY about Litewave Media’s partnership with Clearwater Marine Aquarium below.

The world premiere of Rescue-Clearwater took place February 1st at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium while simultaneously live-streaming to audiences around the globe. Episode 1 tells the history of CMA along with a behind-the-scenes look at many of the rehabilitated sea turtles, dolphins, and other wildlife. Hundreds of thousands of viewers have already tuned in on Facebook and YouTube.


The Rescue-Clearwater web series is produced right here in Tampa Bay by the CMA team with Litewave Media

On March 1st, the second episode premiered with the inspirational story of Winter (from the Dolphin Tale movies) and how the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Hanger Clinic worked together to give her a second chance at life.

On March 15th, episode 3 premiered online and covered the second part of Winter’s story as well as the inspiring story of Anni and how Winter and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium helped changed her life.

Each episode runs about 15 minutes in length and can be viewed on Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s YouTube channel HERE: http://www.seewinter.com/rescue-clearwater-tv-series

Viewers will get to know the real people behind the great work at CMA and can even expect some special guest appearances along the way from Dolphin Tale stars: Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Nathan Gamble and Austin Highsmith.


Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir with Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s Joe Malo prepare for an interview scene with actors from the Dolphin Tale movies

Our Tampa post production company is excited to help bring this new series and the great work done at CMA to viewers around the globe! Do you have a Tampa video production, TV show, or web series you would like to produce? If you need video production services including crew and camera packages or grip truck rental in Tampa, FL, please contact us for details. We invite you to visit and like Litewave Media on Facebook to check out our latest video projects. Be sure to keep up with our blog for more Tampa video production news!

Litewave Media Films TV Commercials for Tampa Comic-Con

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Star Wars legend Carrie Fischer?!

Bad-to-the-bone Terminator actress Linda Hamilton, aka Sarah Conner?!

And guess who’s Back…to the Future…. star Lea Thompson?!

They’ll all be visiting this year’s pop cultural phenomenon, Tampa Bay Comic Con. This fan favorite event has been getting bigger and better every year! This year’s convention will be held from July 31st till August 2nd at The Tampa Convention Center, and it’s poised to be the biggest one yet! The convention will be bringing famed movie and TV actors as well as comic book authors and artists, and cosplay enthusiasts. Our Tampa video production company had the exciting opportunity to film TV and radio commercials for Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2015 to promote this year’s convention.

Our Tampa video company worked with Comic-Con at last year’s convention, filming a promo video for Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2014, and we were thrilled to get to work with them again this year for their TV commercials.

Litewave Media films video production Tampa commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

Litewave Media crew with the Tampa Bay Comic Con team at our Tampa video studio

Tampa Bay Comic-Con hired our production company and rented our Tampa video studio to film a 30 second TV ad that began airing Monday July 27th. The commercials were filmed on our White Cyc studio wall. Our Tampa video crew lit the studio with 2 Kino Flo Diva-Lites, 1 LED light and an array of our state-of-the-art Altman LED Spectra Cyc lights from our Tampa lighting equipment rental. Our director of photography, Christian Cashmir, filmed the commercials with our Canon C100 with cinema lenses from our Tampa camera equipment rental. Ana Christina Sanchez was the Production Coorinator during the shoot and Litewave Media’s intern Taylor Blake took behind-the-scenes pictures with our Canon 5D mark III.

Litewave Media films commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

Actress, Victoria, dressed as Katniss from the Hunger Games for Tampa Bay Comic-Con’s 2015 TV commercial

Tampa Bay Comic-Con had a number of costumes for the talent to dress up in for the commercials. Our Florida video company along with the make-up artist on set, did our best to emulate legendary characters from movies and TV series such as Princess Leia, Daenerys Targaryen and Katniss Everdeen.

Litewave Media films commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

The make-up artist transforming actress Victoria into Princess Leia

Tampa Bay Comic also came into our Tampa recording studio to record the radio commercial for the Con as well. Our Tampa post production company edited and color corrected the commercials at our Tampa editing suites. Some visual FX were also added to enhance the TV advertising including a Star Wars blaster effect.

Litewave Media films commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

Christian Cashmir films the Princess Leia TV spot for Tampa Bay Comic Con

Check out the TV spot below!

The commercials will be featured on the following networks ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX at the end of July 2015.

Litewave Media films commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

The cast and crew celebrates wrapping the Tampa TV commercial

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Litewave Media Adds MōVI Rental Package to Tampa Equipment

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

It’s amazing how technology has evolved in the digital cinema industry the past few years. With new cameras that can practically see in the dark, to LEDs and lightweight, low energy HMI lighting, to aerial video drones, to our latest addition in camera support: The Freefly MōVI M5 with Spektrum Transmitter. Our video production company is thrilled to add this new camera support system to our Tampa video equipment rental. This new technology drastically improves the quality of hand-held camera moves and replaces, in many cases, what a very costly and heavy Steadicam system would have done in the past. If you are looking for a Tampa MoVI m5 rental give us a call today.

Litewave Media is adding the Freefly MōVI M5 to their Tampa camera equipment

Litewave Media’s new camera stabilizer, Freefly’s MōVI M5 (photo courtesy: Freefly)

The Movi M5 is built with ultra lightweight construction which makes it easy to move around and get unique angles while also being strong enough to handle heavy cameras. We’ve already tested our Canon C300, C100, 5D, and the Sony A7S and FS100 cameras with great success. In addition, changing lenses or adding camera accessories is fast and easy. It’s extremely versatile and has enabled us to film creative shots without many of the stresses that other camera stabilization systems can have.

Litewave Media is adding the Freefly MōVI M5 to their Tampa camera equipment

Litewave Media’s new MoVI M5 rental package now in Tampa, FL

“The MōVI has amazing stability. We can control its sensitivity using the Freefly Configurator App which also gives us the ability to have two people operating the camera. One focuses on maneuvering the camera while the other can concentrate on framing the shot,” says Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir. “It also has a solo mode for when you only have one camera operator on smaller jobs. It’s really amazing technology.”

Litewave Media is adding the Freefly MōVI M5 to their Tampa camera equipment

Our Tampa video production team films with Freefly’s MoVI M5 at Fort De Soto

The MōVI M5 has really enabled our DP’s and directors to get shots they were not able to in the past either because of cost, weight or speed. We’ve had a great experience using it on a recent pirate-themed film, that Litewave Media filmed at historic Fort De Soto in St. Petersburg, FL. Our Tampa video production company is excited to use the M5 next on an upcoming music video shoot.

Litewave Media is adding the Freefly MōVI M5 to their Tampa camera equipment

Our Tampa video crew films with the MōVI M5 on a pirate-themed short

Do you need a Tampa MōVI rental, or Tampa camera equipment for your next video project? Please contact us for a free consultation. You can like Litewave Media on Facebook to check out our latest video projects. And be sure to keep up with the blog for more Tampa video production news!

Litewave Media Films Boxing Champ Keith Thurman for NBC

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

NBC is changing the history of the one the most challenging and exciting sports, professional boxing. Boxing fights have not aired on network television for 30 years, but NBC is bringing it all back to their primetime programming. On March 7th, Keith Thurman will battle Robert Guerrero along with several other high profile matches for title bouts.

Litewave Media films Keith Thurman profile for NBC Boxing match

Our Tampa video crew, Christian and Pinky, with WBA Champion Keith Thurman

One of NBC’s production companies, New Wave Entertainment, was looking for a video crew from the Tampa Bay Area to help film a series of interviews. Our Tampa video production company was glad to partner on the exciting project filming with WBA champion, Keith Thurman. Thurman is the undefeated champion in the Welterweight class division and is preparing to defend his position March 7th, 2015 on NBC’s boxing special.

Litewave Media films Keith Thurman profile for NBC Boxing match

Our Tampa production company films an interview with Keith

New Wave’s producer flew to St. Pete with their DP to coordinate the shoot with our Tampa video crew. The video segment and profile was filmed over the course of 2 days throughout St. Petersburg, FL. Litewave Media’s Christian Cashmir was a camera operator on the shoot while Harold “Pinky” Hood worked as a grip. The video profile on Keith included interviews with Thurman and people close to him, including his father and trainer, Dan Birmingham. One of the highlights of the production was filming in the historic St. Pete Boxing Club which Keith considers his second home.

Litewave Media films Keith Thurman profile for NBC Boxing match

Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir films at the St. Pete Boxing Club

Our Tampa video company captured Keith working on his training routine for his next fight. He is only 26 years old but he’s been surrounded by the boxing environment for almost all of his life. Keith proudly explained that he now owns a portion of the St. Pete Boxing Club where he works to help younger boxers. When he is not training for his next fight, Keith helps amateur boxers train for their next fight.

Litewave Media films Keith Thurman profile for NBC Boxing match

Boxing glove collection at St. Pete Boxing Club where Keith trains

Litewave Media was proud to work with Keith Thurman and film his profile for NBC. Thurman is an inspiration. He’s a true fighter in body and soul who does not back down from a fight and works hard to achieve all his goals. You can watch the hour long profile on Keith and the other boxers that will be battling it out on NBC this week, and specifically on March 6th (the day before the big match). Here is the current schedule for the segment:

Wed., Feb. 25, 11 p.m. (Premiere)

Wed., Mar. 4, 11 p.m. (Encore)

Fri., Mar. 6, 6:30 p.m. (Encore)

Fri., Mar. 6, 10 p.m. (Encore)

Sat., Mar. 7, 2:30 p.m. (Encore)

Sat., Mar. 7, 7:30 p.m. (Encore)

Litewave Media films Keith Thurman profile for NBC Boxing match

Our Tampa video crew captures Keith Thurman training for his next fight

You can watch a preview of Keith Thurman and Robert Guerrero fight here:


The main boxing event on March 7th will have several fights between professional boxers. Keith Thurman boxing against veteran Robert Guerrero is one of the most anticipated fights in a long time and it’s sure to be a great match.

Litewave Media films Keith Thurman profile for NBC Boxing match

Litewave Media camera operator, Christian, is up for a boxing challenge…NOT!

Do you have a Tampa video production or Tampa television segment you would like to film? Please contact us for a free consultation. You can like Litewave Media on Facebook to check out our latest video projects. Be sure to keep up with the blog for more Tampa video production news!

Joker Bug 800 HMI Light Kits Added to Our Tampa Lighting Rental

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Litewave Media is excited to add new HMI lighting to our Tampa grip truck and lighting equipment rental packages. Our video production company has just added the K5600 Joker-Bug 800 HMI kit to our lighting arsenal which is a powerful daylight balanced fixture. If you are looking for a Tampa HMI lighting rental or Tampa Joker 800 rental give us a call today.

Litewave Media is adding the Joker 800 to their Tampa lighting equipment

Litewave Media’s new lighting addition, K5600 Joker-Bug 800 kit with accessories

The Joker 800 has the ability to produce 50% more light than other daylight fixtures, including the Joker 1200. The light is small and light (it only weights 38lbs!) which makes it perfect for on-location lighting and traveling. While the many 1200 watt fixtures takes an entire circuit to power, the Joker 800 only draws 11 Amps!

Litewave Media is adding the Joker 800 to their Tampa lighting equipment

The Joker 800 in action (photo courtesy: K5600 Lighting)

The Joker 800 has many benefits of smaller lights, but with the power of larger fixtures, which has made the K5600 Joker-Bug 800 an industry standard HMI light and a perfect addition to our Tampa lighting rental. We look forward to using it on many shoots to come and renting it out to anyone looking to add a little extra punch to their productions!

Litewave Media is adding the Joker 800 to their Tampa lighting equipment

Our new daylight HMI, Joker-Bug 800, at our Tampa video studio

Do you need a Tampa HMI rental, Joker 800, or a Tampa grip truck for your next video  project? Please contact us for a free consultation. You can like Litewave Media on Facebook to check out our latest video projects. Be sure to keep up with the blog for more Tampa video production news!

Litewave Media Films Legendary Comedian Elayne Boosler

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Litewave Media loves comedy. We’ve always tried to incorporate humor into our work since we started over 10 years ago; and so, it was an absolute joy to work with one of comedy’s greats last month, Elayne Boosler.

Elayne is a legendary female comedian who has been in the business for almost 40 years. In 1986, she changed the comedy industry when she became the first female comedian to get her own one-hour comedy special on cable. She has written and hosted several awards shows including the Daytime Emmys and the Cable ACE awards. She has also been a guest for a variety of Late Night shows. Our Tampa video production company was extremely excited when the manager of comedian Elayne Boosler hired Litewave Media to film Elayne’s new stand-up comedy act.

Litewave Media films Elayne's live performance

Litewave Media crew Kenny, Brandon, Christian, John, Malachi and Mike with legendary comedian Elayne Boosler

The live event took place at the historic theater inside Delray Beach’s Center for the Arts. The event was sold out, and people from around the country came to see Elayne perform. Our Tampa video production crew scouted the location a week earlier to map out camera positions and assess the lighting setup. On Jan 27th, our team arrived early to Delray Beach, Florida in the morning to set up the equipment for the live show. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet Elayne before her performance and review the plan of action. And once she went on, the crowd did not stop laughing for the next hour as she delivered a flawless performance!

Litewave Media films Elayne's live performance

Litewave Media films Elayne performing her live stand-up comedy act

The live comedy performance was filmed with 5 broadcast HD cameras from our array Tampa video equipment. Christian Cashmir was the director of photography and operated a Panasonic HPX-170 video camera that was mounted on Litewave Media’s EZ-FX camera jib. Kenny Strawn worked the Panasonic HPX-500 camera to get all the close up shots of Elayne. John Jones went hand-held and filmed a variety of creative angles from the performance. Brandon Hyde shot with an HVX-200 camera to cover the wide shots of the comedy act and Malachi Cull also operated another HVX-200 camera from the balcony. Harold “Pinky” Hood acted as grip and assistant for the shoot. Mike Barnitt captured sound on 6 discreet channels for optimum surround sound mixing. The footage was sent off to David Avallone, Elayne’s longtime editor and producer, to edit the special together in Los Angeles, CA.

Litewave Media films Elayne's live performance

Elayne Boosler and Litewave Media founder Christian Schwier

The stand-up comedy show will be edited into a DVD, and she hopes to air it on premium cable and on-demand in the near future. Litewave Media was extremely honored to film with Elayne and we wish her all the best for the rest of her tour. Our crew had a blast traveling to Delray Beach, Florida, and we hope Elayne comes back to Florida soon to perform again (maybe even to Tampa?!)

Litewave Media films Elayne's live performance

Elayne entertains her audience while the Litewave Media crew captures the performance

Do you have a live Tampa video event or concert you would like to film or need help producing? Please contact us for a free consultation. You can like Litewave Media on Facebook to check out our latest video projects. Be sure to keep up with the blog for more Tampa video production news!


Litewave Media Produces New Music Video For Isis Sonatra

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Recording artist and international rap artist Isis Sonatra hailing from the Bahamas brought her dance crew all the way from Hollywood, FL to film with Litewave Media, Tampa’s leading music video production company. Isis recorded her song on the other coast, but came to Litewave Media to mix and master her track.

Isis Tampa Video Production

Isis Sonatra with her dance crew [downtown St. Petersburg, FL]

Litewave Media also recorded the vocal hook with singer Davia who flew up from the Bahamas to record at our Tampa music recording studio. Christian Cashmir assisted with producing the hook vocals for the track and our studio engineer Adam Klingman recorded, mixed and mastered the song. Once the track was complete the film crew began prepping for the video.

Isis Rain Machine Tampa Video Studio

Filming Isis under our rain machine at Litewave Studios [Tampa, FL]

Our Tampa film crew shot scenes for the video locally at The Getaway Tiki Bar, as well as on Gandy Beach right near the bridge. The dancing scenes were filmed right in our Tampa video studio as well as on the streets of downtown St. Petersburg. The Litewave Media crew included Christian Cashmir (Director, DP, Editor), John Jones (Ninja Cam, Editor), Jeff Zampino (Coordinator, Set Design), Andrew Ortoski (Gaffer), Brandon Hyde (AC), Sasha Sebesta (Grip), Pinky Caesar (Grip), Tony (PA), Melissa Infante (Hair), and Anya Yuschenko (Makeup).

Litewave Media Rain Machine Tampa Video

Purple Rain: filming Isis under the Litewave Media Rain Machine

Isis loved the music video we produced for her and had this to say about Litewave Media: ”I am so thankful that I found a video studio in Florida with the quality of L.A. and the touch of being at home. You guys rock!”

Isis is looking to film another music video next month for an upcoming track which our Tampa video production team is really looking forward to. Christian and Adam are also working on a new song for Isis as well which they plan to record with her this summer at Litewave Media’s Tampa recording studio.

If you are looking for music recording or music video production in the Tampa or St. Petersburg, Florida area, please give us call to discuss your project. We enjoy working with local talent and artists from all around the world in our studio. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with all of the latest news. Until next time!

Litewave Media Releases Trailer for New Steampunk Action Film

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Litewave Media is proud to announce the trailer release for our upcoming independent film, “The Skyship Chronicles”. The movie is inspired by the Steampunk aesthetic and has elements of Sci-Fi and fantasy as well. Taking place in the late 1800′s, all aspects of the film had to look aged and authentic. The film was written & produced by our very own Jeff Zampino and directed by Christian Cashmir founder of Litewave Media.

The film was shot primarily in Tampa Bay, Florida. Movie sets including two airships and a post office were built right here in our Tampa video studio. The exterior of the downtown St. Petersburg library was also used for a climactic sword-fight battle scene. The crew even traveled to Tavares, Florida to film on one of the last steam trains in the country, as well as a ghost town set in Parish.

Post Production for the film is now nearly complete. A generous amount of visual effects has kept our our video editors and animation department on their toes. Our Tampa post production company is handling all editing here in our studio at Litewave Media. We invite you to view the trailer and let us know what you think. Please share it if you like it!

Our production company is planning a summer 2014 release for the movie online. Please check out the trailer and connect with us on facebook for more info on the film!

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