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Litewave Media Films TV Commercials for Tampa Comic-Con

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Star Wars legend Carrie Fischer?!

Bad-to-the-bone Terminator actress Linda Hamilton, aka Sarah Conner?!

And guess who’s Back…to the Future…. star Lea Thompson?!

They’ll all be visiting this year’s pop cultural phenomenon, Tampa Bay Comic Con. This fan favorite event has been getting bigger and better every year! This year’s convention will be held from July 31st till August 2nd at The Tampa Convention Center, and it’s poised to be the biggest one yet! The convention will be bringing famed movie and TV actors as well as comic book authors and artists, and cosplay enthusiasts. Our Tampa video production company had the exciting opportunity to film TV and radio commercials for Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2015 to promote this year’s convention.

Our Tampa video company worked with Comic-Con at last year’s convention, filming a promo video for Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2014, and we were thrilled to get to work with them again this year for their TV commercials.

Litewave Media films video production Tampa commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

Litewave Media crew with the Tampa Bay Comic Con team at our Tampa video studio

Tampa Bay Comic-Con hired our production company and rented our Tampa video studio to film a 30 second TV ad that began airing Monday July 27th. The commercials were filmed on our White Cyc studio wall. Our Tampa video crew lit the studio with 2 Kino Flo Diva-Lites, 1 LED light and an array of our state-of-the-art Altman LED Spectra Cyc lights from our Tampa lighting equipment rental. Our director of photography, Christian Cashmir, filmed the commercials with our Canon C100 with cinema lenses from our Tampa camera equipment rental. Ana Christina Sanchez was the Production Coorinator during the shoot and Litewave Media’s intern Taylor Blake took behind-the-scenes pictures with our Canon 5D mark III.

Litewave Media films commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

Actress, Victoria, dressed as Katniss from the Hunger Games for Tampa Bay Comic-Con’s 2015 TV commercial

Tampa Bay Comic-Con had a number of costumes for the talent to dress up in for the commercials. Our Florida video company along with the make-up artist on set, did our best to emulate legendary characters from movies and TV series such as Princess Leia, Daenerys Targaryen and Katniss Everdeen.

Litewave Media films commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

The make-up artist transforming actress Victoria into Princess Leia

Tampa Bay Comic also came into our Tampa recording studio to record the radio commercial for the Con as well. Our Tampa post production company edited and color corrected the commercials at our Tampa editing suites. Some visual FX were also added to enhance the TV advertising including a Star Wars blaster effect.

Litewave Media films commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

Christian Cashmir films the Princess Leia TV spot for Tampa Bay Comic Con

Check out the TV spot below!

The commercials will be featured on the following networks ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX at the end of July 2015.

Litewave Media films commercials for Tampa Bay Comic Con

The cast and crew celebrates wrapping the Tampa TV commercial

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Livewave Media Films Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2014

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Our Tampa Video Production Company had the great opportunity to films this year’s Tampa Bay Comic-Con. The 2014 Comic-Con was held at The Tampa Convention Center from August 2nd – 4th. Comic-Con is an event that celebrates comic books, movies, anime, TV shows, and video games. People have the chance to dress up as their favorite characters, attend celebrity panels, meet artists and shop from vendors who offer a variety of collectibles and memorabilia.

Tampa production company films contest winners

Tampa Bay Comic-Con Costume Contest Winners

Fans were able to take pictures with the Batmobile, Scooby Doo’s Van and the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Our Litewave Media video production team filmed all the action and photographed characters, costumes and more.

Tampa production company films Comic-Con

One of the photo ops with the Batmobile at the Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2014

Cosplay enthusiasts surrounded the convention. At the end of the day there was a costume contest where people got the opportunity to show their personal creations to an audience and a panel of judges. Our Tampa video company filmed the contest, which had range of costumes: from TV shows like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, to comic book characters like X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy, and even hit movies like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. The contest had incredible costumes and it was a hard choice for the judges to pick the winners, but the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy won the grand prize.

Video production company films Warhammer costume

Costume Contest 2nd Place Winner: Warhammer 40K Space Marine

The convention always brings celebrity guests from popular TV shows and movies. This year, Comic-Con brought two fan-favorites from popular fantasy show Game of Thrones, Richard Madden and Pedro Pascal. Other guests included Caity Lotz who plays the Black Canary on Arrow, Brighton Sharbino and Kyla Kenedy from the popular zombie show The Walking Dead. John Rhys-Davies from the blockbuster movies The Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones, and Evan Peters from X-Men Days of Future Past also attended.

Richard Madden and Pedro Pascal on the Game of Thrones Panel

Pedro Pascal (Prince Oberyn) and Richard Madden (Robb Stark) on the Game of Thrones Panel

These actors had their own panels where they took questions from the audience. Our Tampa Video Production Crew was excited to film these panels and hear their behind-the-scenes stories from set.

Tampa production company films Comic-Con

Tampa Bay Comic-Con fan showing off her League of Legends costume at one of the panels

Celebrity host and Nickelodeon alum Marc Summers made his first Comic-Con appearance ever. He had the opportunity to reprise his popular Nickelodeon game show, Double Dare, with a Comic-Con exclusive called Nerdy Family Double Dare. Families competed to win amazing prizes including visiting a live taping of the popular sit-com The Big Bang Theory and a 4-night cruise vacation. Our corporate video production company enjoyed filming the competition and had fun hanging out with Marc Summers.

Litewave Media team is Marc Summers

Our Tampa Video Production Team with Marc Summers

After shooting was completed, our Tampa post production company edited the promo video for the Tampa Bay Comic-Con, as well as all of the celebrity panels, and Nerdy Family Double Dare with Marc Summers. The videos will be live on Tampa Bay Comic-con YouTube page, but you can look at the promo video now below.

Comic-Con is a place where people can let out their inner geek and be themselves. It’s an event where fandoms can gather and people have the opportunity to meet actors who bring their favorite characters to life. Our Litewave Media Video Production Team was honored to attend. We had an incredible time at Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2014!

Our Tampa production crew films guests in costumes at Comic-Con

A young Super Fan at Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2014

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Litewave Media Produces Series of Videos for Sims Crane

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Our Tampa video production studio had the unique opportunity to work alongside Sims Crane & Equipment Co. to produce their reality show “Heavy Lifting” which gives viewers an inside look at the crane industry. Sims Crane is Florida’s premier Crane and Equipment provider and partnered with Litewave Media to make their vision a reality. Litewave Media also produced a series of training videos at their Tampa location. The entire project spanned a total of over 20 videos.

With a number of reality shows under their production belts, including ABC’s Shark Tank, TLC’s Extreme Couponing, and the Cayman Island’s Paradise Pawnthe award-winning Litewave Media film crew brought their expertise to the “Heavy Lifting” film set. The crew explored the daily trials of Sims’ crane operators, from erecting entire buildings to lifting whales at a theme park.

When Sims Crane first contacted our Tampa video production company, we set up a series of meetings to plan the logistics of the shoot. Director and cinematographer Christian Cashmir alongside producer Andrew Ortoski collaborated with Sims Crane’s director of marketing, Dean Sims on the creative direction for the show.

Sims Crane Lot

The Crane Yard at Sims Crane in Tampa, FL

With the use of GoPro Hero 3, the Litewave Media camera crew was able to film stunning overhead shots of the crane’s movements. Other video production equipment including the Canon C100, 2 Panasonic HVX200’s, 1 Panasonic HPX-170, and a Canon 5D Mark III were used for filming.

Sims Crane Workers with Andrew Ortoski and Mike Barnett

Sims Crane Crew with Litewave Media’s Andrew Ortoski (Producer/Camera) and Mike Barnitt (Audio)

Camera operators Christian Cashmir, Taylor Girard, John Jones, and Andrew Ortoski captured all of the action, while Jeff Zampino scripted the show along with Dean Sims. Mike Barnitt and Tom Hurxthal handled audio and Jamie Parslow served as grip. Christian Cashmir and Andrew Ortoski edited and tackled post-production work at Litewave Media’s Tampa post-production company.

Sims Crane also teamed up with our Tampa video crew in creating a number of training videos on crane safety called “Sims Crane Minutes”. These educational videos inform viewers on how cranes function and the potential dangers of operating a crane. Several of the videos were even selected by O.S.H.A. as official crane safety and training videos.

Candace LeRae with Litewave Media Tampa Film Crew

Candace LeRae with Litewave Media’s Tampa Film Crew

These safety videos were a unique opportunity for Litewave Media to get creative with Sims Crane. One video had the distinct style of “Film Noir”, beginning the video in black and white, as if it were an old-style detective movie. Andrew Ortoski created dramatic lighting and even simulated a thunderstorm in the rain. Candace LeRae was the beautiful femme fatale actress who brought the scene to life along with Sims Crane’s very own Safety Director, Bob Berry. The scene was shot in the Sims Crane headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

Litewave Media also produced another training video for Sims in the style of ABC’s hit TV series “Lost”. The video makes an homage to the Dharma Initiative videos within the series and was filmed as if they were found on an old film reel.

with Litewave Media Film Crew

Litewave Media’s Video Crew Sets up for the Dharma Initiative-style Training Video

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Fantastic Sams + Litewave Media = Fantastic Media Commercials!

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

When it comes to Fantastic Sams, the client chooses their hairstyle. In the case of their advertising though, Fantastic Sams sought out Litewave Media and their award-winning Tampa film crew to write, shoot, cast and edit a series of national quality TV commercials.

Fantastic Sams Tampa Video Commercials

Fantastic Sams with the Litewave Media Film Crew and Cast

Litewave Media’s veteran Tampa video production company brought their comedic expertise to the project to create some truly unique commercials. Writer Jeff Zampino scribed three scripts, and director Christian Schwier along with the Fantastic Sams marketing team chose two which eventually became the “Night Owl” commmercial featuring a vampire who is in dire need of a haircut and the “3 Color Days” commercial featuring a Snidely Whiplash type character set in the 1920′s.

Larry The Vampire!

Larry Bukovey as The Vampire in “The Night Owl Special”

The Litewave Media team combined with the technology of their newly acquired Canon C100 camera, produced exceptional results. The commercials were filmed over a series of 3 days at the Litewave Media video studio’s backlot and two Fantastic Sams locations. Video editing and special FX compositing took place at Litewave Media’s Tampa post production facility.

Tampa TV Commercial Production Actors

Actors Ed Olson and Serrelle Baker in “3 Color Days

The first of the two scripts promotes Fantastic Sams “3 Color Days” special, and takes place in the 1920′s and features a Snidely Whiplash character. Christian and his Tampa video company decided to give a vintage film treatment to this commercial. It begins in black and white then shifts to color when the female lead goes to Fantastic Sams to brighten up her style. The second script focuses on the salon’s late night hours and highlights characters who can only visit during the night. The main character is a friendly vampire…who needs his hair done, just like everybody else.

Fantastic Sams Salon Set

Fantastic Sams Salon Set

Be sure to stay tuned to your TV to see these two commercials next week!
[UPDATE 6/11/14 Videos online!]

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Litewave Media Tampa Film Crew Receives 7 Nominations at the Annual 48 Hour Film Project

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Litewave Media's 48 Hour Film Project Cast/Crew

Each year teams of filmmakers from around the world compete in a film competition known as the 48 Hour Film Project. In this no-holds-bar event teams have only 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and submit a short film in their randomly chosen genre. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also a list of requirements that each film must contain in order to be eligible for the competition. This year required the prop of “bubble wrap,” a character named “Charlie/Charlene Sparks,” the profession of “farming,” and the line of dialogue “He never tells me anything”. On top of all that, the Litewave Media team was chosen to be part of a documentary about the 48 Hour Film Project as the team had won last year with their award-winning film “F”. And so, a film crew documenting the madness of the film project had their cameras pointed on the team the whole weekend.

Director Christian Schwier and his Tampa production company drew the genre “Buddy film” out of a hat on Friday, July 26th. They quickly swapped “Buddy film” out for a wild card genre “B-Movie” and began their race to finish: Sunday, July 28th.  (A “B-Movie” can best be described as a lower budget, melodramatic film.) Perfect for our Tampa video crew!

A MELODRAMATIC Litewave Media 48 Hour Film Project Cast/Crew

The first thing the team had to do was decide on an idea, which Schwier said was “The most difficult part”. They looked to old 50′s B-movies for inspiration. With a room full of writers, brainstorming wasn’t an issue, instead it was picking the one idea and saying “this is it!”

Christian Schwier, Jeff Zampino and the rest of the crew brainstorming in the Litewave Studios conference room

By 3 a.m. three things were decided: the movie needed a robot, an overly dramatic kiss, and blue speckled aliens. Make-up artist Anya Yushchenko quickly got to work bringing two of those elements to life.

Anya Yushchenko applying blue speckled make-up to BobbyAnn Loper

Anthony Brock (QX-45 robotic support droid) being assembled by Anya Yushchenko

When the 48 hour time constraint started affecting the film, the team had to take action quick. “We had to edit down the script and cut two locations out in the middle of shooting to make this film doable”, Schwier stated. And so, on July 28th at 6:42pm (18 minutes to deadline) with the help of Jeff Zampino’s set design, Steve Allen’s special effects, Andrew Ortoski’s lighting, Stephen Maxwell’s original music, and an amazing crew and cast, “Man-Eating Hatchlings of Galvac-7″ was born and officially submitted.

Anya Yushchenko, Maylin Morera, Linda Roser, and Karleigh Chase on set

Jim Flynn in the "hibernation pod" with Steve Allen, (Special FX) hovering over

Karleigh Chase, Jeff Sheppard and Jim Flynn stand by on set location two

All the sleepless hardwork and dedication paid off in the end. The Litewave Media crew received seven nominations: Best Film, Best Director, Best Sound Design, Best Use of Line of Dialogue, Best Special Effects, Best Costumes, and the Audience Choice Award. The winners will be announced on August 27th, Muvico Centro Ybor at 7 p.m.

For more information about the 48 hour Film Project click here, 48 hr. Film Project
Without further ado, here’s “Man-Eating Hatchlings of Galvax-7″

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Litewave Media Films Documentary at the Republican National Convention in Tampa

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Litewave Media was hired by the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) to film two projects at the Republican National Convention, which recently took place in Tampa, Florida this August. “The RSLC found us online through our website,” Litewave founder Christian Schwier explains. “They had viewed some of our company’s previous work and thought we would be a good fit for their documentary video project.”

Christian working at the RNC.

Despite storms from Hurricane Isaac, gnarled traffic and huge crowds, our Tampa film crew had an exciting week filming for the documentary. Our onsite editor and Tampa post production crew also created short daily video updates that were uploaded online directly from the convention.

The Fox studio at the RNC in Tampa, Florida.

“Once we got past the security check points, bomb-sniffing dogs and car searches, the shoot was a breeze,” jokes Schwier. The documentary video project centered on five Latino Republicans from around the country who are all running for office, including House and Senate seats and a governorship. The film will tell the story of their candidacy and experiences at the RNC.

Christian and Taylor with their passes to the RNC.

The team also shot footage for five three-minute shorts, which allowed our Tampa video production company to get involved in several different aspects of the convention. Among the events filmed were an interview with Mike Huckabee, a tech panel with Joe Green, (Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard roommate) who developed applications for Facebook, and an educational summit featuring Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

Taylor using the MacBook Air mobile editing station.

Directory of Photography Christian Schwier, and the crew—Taylor Girard, Editor and 2nd Camera and Rachel Lappe, Camera Assistant—used both a Panasonic HPX-170 and a Panasonic HVX-200 to shoot the video segments. Litewave Media’s new ultra-mobile post production station includes Apple’s MacBook Air with Final Cut Studio and Adobe CS6, which allowed the footage for the video shorts to be edited onsite from almost anywhere. After they were finalized, the mini-movies were immediately uploaded to the RSLC’s YouTube channel, enabling Republican supporters to follow the activities at the convention in close to real time.

Although the Tampa video crew enjoyed many parts of the gig, Schwier says the highlight was meeting Dr. Condoleezza Rice. “We got to chat with her for a few minutes before she went on stage,” he shares. “She’s very eloquent and gave a fifteen-minute speech with no teleprompter. The room was really engaged when she spoke. You could feel the energy.”

Christian filming Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

The Republican National Convention is yet another major event to come to Tampa recently, bringing additional film and video business opportunities to the city. Schwier feels that’s good news for both the industry and Litewave Media. “Networking at the RNC will hopefully earn us future jobs when these companies and people come back to Tampa Bay for their next video project,” he says. “We’re working hard to establish ourselves as Tampa’s premier video production company—a one stop shop for crew, production, and post production needs.”

Rachel and her RNC pass.

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Tampa Production Company Shoots Warped Tour for UK’s Scuzz TV

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Scuzz TV, the UK’s most popular rock and metal TV station, hired our Tampa film studio to interview and film three of the bands participating in the Warped Tour this year. The international music festival with over 100 bands ranging from punk and metal to reggae and alternative stopped at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, FL this July.

Directory of Photography, Christian Schwier, spent a day in the Florida sun with sound engineer Mike Barnitt and production assistant Harold Hood. Together, they captured the stories and music of the bands and the energy of the fans.

Filming interviews at Warped Tour with band: Miss May I

Ronnie Radke, the lead singer from Falling in Reverse, was one of the musicians interviewed by the Tampa video crew. Part of the conversation focused on how Radke’s life-changing experience of how going to prison affected his music and has contributed to the band’s success. Litewave Media also talked to Of Mice and Men lead singer Austin Carlile and members of the band Miss May I.

“Two of the bands invited us onto their official tour buses,” says Schwier. “Ronnnie Radke actually played us an unreleased track off the band’s new record. It was an incredible experience.” The other interview was conducted in Vinoy Park with the beautiful St. Petersburg Pier as a back drop.

Christian with Beez - Channel manager at England's Scuzz TV

Schwier and his team used two cameras to catch the essence of the bands and the tour: a Panasonic HPX-170 and a Panasonic HVX-200, both 1080p high definition video cameras capable of broadcast quality video acquisition.

Scuzz TV will use the footage in two of their brand new shows, one highlighting the diverse tattoos inked on rock stars and musicians, and the other offering intimate interviews with musicians about their journeys as artists and stars. All footage was transferred to hard drive at our Tampa production studio and express mailed to the UK, where Scuzz TV immediately began editing. Both shows will premier in September.

If your organization has a film or video project that could benefit from our Tampa video company’s expertise, please e-mail us at info@litewavemedia for a free consultation.

Litewave Media Brings Independent Steampunk Movie to Tampa Bay

Thursday, June 14th, 2012
Pre-production has begun on Litewave Media’s next independent film project, The Skyship Chronicles, scheduled to begin shooting this fall in the Tampa Bay area.

Concept art for one of the villains in the movie.

After completing the feature film Jules Dongu Saves the World in early 2012, the premier Tampa video production company is already hard at work scouting locations and building partnerships with local crew, actors, and artisans for the new production.  

“We love filming here in Tampa Bay,” says director and Litewave Media founder Christian Schwier. “We have the most amazing talent here, and the potential shooting locations are top notch.”

Screen tests for make-up and costume with Rachel Lappe, one of the film's actors.

Local crafts people like ADEQ Firearms of Tampa and the St. Petersburg Wood Guild have already signed on to assist in building sets and props that will give the film a retro-science-fiction or Steampunk look, reminiscent of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

Steve, the film's DP, with the Red Scarlet video camera.

Set at the turn of the 20th century, The Skyship Chronicles is an action/adventure film with plenty of humor.  “The plot revolves around two misfit time travelers and a hapless postal worker,” explains the film’s writer, Jeff Zampino. “Together, they battle a mad scientist bent on destroying the world.”

As a leader in video production, Litewave Media will shoot with the new Red Scarlet® cinema camera, one of the most innovative digital film cameras available. Its 4k resolution is double that of HD. With a wide range of video equipment in their arsenal, Litewave Media is a true one-stop resource for professional video and film production in the Tampa Bay area.

Behind the scenes pic with some of the film's actors testing out costumes.

The video production company is using the Web site Kickstarter.com, a funding platform for creative projects, to generate additional funding for the film. For more information on the progress of the film visit http://www.skyshipchronicles.com/.

Jeff Zampino adjusts a gun prop during a video screen test with Rachel.

If you are looking for a professional video crew, contact Litewave Media for a free consultation at info@litewavemedia.com.

Litewave Media Films Gospel Music Concert in Tampa

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
On Saturday, May 5th, Litewave Media’s Tampa film crew recorded a live three-hour concert performed by local gospel group Cepeda McKay and No Limits. The band has been uplifting audiences in Tampa and across the country with their original compositions and signature sound since 2002.

Cepeda McKay and No Limits rocks the house.

A packed house enjoyed the concert at the beautiful new First Baptist Church of Progress Village near Tampa, Florida.  Five cameras—two Panasonic HVX-200s, two Canon 7Ds and a Canon 5D— filmed the concert simultaneously, capturing the members of Cepeda McKay and No Limits, along with the live band and dancers performing with them.  

Our Tampa video production company arrived early to plan the camera angles and set up film equipment, which included a 20-foot CamMate jib system. The jib allowed the video team to capture sweeping overhead shots of the concert as well as the audience that was grooving in the aisles to the catchy songs. 

Litewave Media’s Tampa film crew included: CamMate Crane operator, Andrew Ortoski; camera operators Jamie Parslow, Ryan Zarra, Evan Zissimopulos; and Director of Photography, Christian Schwier.

Andrew and Jamie, members of Litewave Media’s Tampa video production crew, set up the CamMate jib to film the Cepeda McKay and No Limits concert.

Preliminary editing is scheduled to begin next week at Litewave Media’s post production studio in Tampa, Florida. Using Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects, our Tampa post production team will craft a professional concert DVD that the band will then use to promote their music and ministry.

Cepeda McKay and No Limits shares their uplifting music all over the world.

If you’re looking for music video companies in Tampa Bay to film your production, please e-mail info@litewavemedia.com for a personalized consultation.

Litewave Media Video Production for Ideal Image

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Our Tampa video production team just had the pleasure of producing a new 5 minute web video/infomercial for Ideal Image the nation’s #1 laser hair removal company. We produced the video over the past month and incorporated client testimonials as well as video of actual treatment providers. Our Tampa post production team also created two 3D animations for the video production. Take a look!

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