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Florida Video Production Company Serves Up Grouper Week TV Ad

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Every year in July, St. Petersburg celebrates Grouper Week, a delicious celebration of the native grouper fish. This year, the festivities kick off on July 22nd in St. Petersburg/Clearwater, the grouper capital of the world. Our Florida video production company along with St. Pete Film Commissioner Tony Armer teamed up to produce a La La Land-inspired dance commercial promoting the festival and the fish!

St. Petersburg production company films commercial.

Our Tampa Steadicam crew films the dancers mid-take.

The 30-second TV ad was filmed on location at a local beach house in Gulfport, overlooking the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast. Choreographer Johanne Castagan created a dance in the style of the La La Land pool scene from last year’s Oscar-winning film. Twenty dancers including three stunt people performed the choreography.

Florida production company creates a choreography for the actors.

The dancers hit their marks in the choreography finale.

The ad was filmed in a one-take shot with no editing; and so, the team had to get everything just right – needless to say the rehearsals paid off!

St. Petersburg video production films dancers.

Filming the one-take on Steadicam for the Grouper Week TV commercial.

Armer directed the commercial with Litewave Media’s Christian Cashmir acting as cinematographer. Our St. Petersburg video production crew also included Eric Coughlin who operated Steadicam and Andrew Ortoski as gaffer, whose team rigged up the surrounding trees with string lights to accentuate the depth of the scene.

St. Petersburg video company films one-take St. Petersburg commercial.

A Florida sunset serves as a beautiful backdrop for the video.

The Litewave Media Tampa grip truck rental was on hand to supply the ARRI Skypanel s60 as our key light and a variety of additional fixtures and grip equipment to set the scene. The lighting team actually rigged the Skypanel on the roof of the house for the perfect angle!

Florida production company created commercial on Steadicam.

Our Tampa production company films the actors on Steadicam.

The song, “Another Day of Sun,” from La La Land was re-recorded with new grouper-infused lyrics written by Armer and performed by Alex Harris, a local Tampa Bay musician.

Florida video company is skilled in filming complex scenes.

Actor Jason Henne gets up close and personal with a grouper sandwich!

Check your local television station for the Grouper Week TV spot which began airing July 13… or catch a sneak peak below!

On filming the project, Cashmir said, “Nothing beats filming on St. Pete’s beautiful coastline. Great crew, gorgeous sunsets… what more could you ask for?!”

Florida video company has a highly talented crew.

The dancers and crew after wrapping filming on the commercial.

Check out grouperweek.com for more info and the events that are planned for the festivities.

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Florida Production Company Photographs Band: Come Back Alice

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

The Litewave Media team has had some great opportunities to work with musicians over the years– from filming with Grammy-Award-Winning jazz musician Chick Corea in our studio, to classic rock legends Foreigner, and the country chart-topping Band Perry, we’ve worked with a great variety of talent. We recently finished a pre-concert publicity video with No Limits, a dance video with hip-hop artist Isis Sonatra, and even our very own 60′s zombie-themed Tampa music video production.

But one band our Florida production company has partnered with on numerous occasions is Tampa Bay’s own Come Back Alice… and this week we got to do a photoshoot with them!

florida production company photo

Tony Tyler and Dani Jaye of Come Back Alice in our Florida production studio.

Come Back Alice formed in 2011 and have been performing live ever since. They love to be on stage and bring their funky rock style to every city they tour in. They’ve also been called “Tampa Bay’s Hottest Rock N Roll Band” by Advisor Magazine.

florida photography company photography

Tony Tyler, lead singer of Come Back Alice, rocks out in our Florida photography studio.

With the popularity of the band growing, they plan to expand into new markets this year. They enlisted Litewave Media for our photography and creative services. We photographed the rock band for their upcoming publicity and music releases and captured their unique, eclectic style right here in our Tampa photography studio.

tampa photography crew photoshoot

Our Tampa photography crew captured this enigmatic photo of Dani Jaye of Come Back Alice.

Photographer and photo shoot director Christian Cashmir and our Tampa video production crew captured the photos using a variety of different lighting set-ups. Our team photographed the band with gear from our Tampa photography equipment rental package, including our Canon 5D MkIII, Canon L-Series Lenses (24mm L f/1.4 II, 50mm L f/1.2), and Profoto D2 photo strobes.

Tampa white cyc studio photography

Our photography team used practical lighting in this shot for a more evocative effect.

After the shoot, our team processed and re-touched the photos back in our Florida post production suite to match the band’s stylistic vision.

Florida production company photography

Our Florida production company captured this photo of the alluring Dani Jaye.

St Petersburg photography studio Alice

This photo had a little inspiration from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours‘ album cover.

To see more of Come Back Alice, check out the video for their song “Coraline” that we produced, or this live music video we filmed with them in 2014.

BTS Tampa Photo Studio

A behind the scenes picture of our photo shoot with Come Back Alice in our studio. Photo courtesy of: Jimmy Rector

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Florida Video Production Company Travels Through Time For New TV Ad Campaign

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Recently our Florida video production company had the chance to work with Grand Villa, a resort style senior living community with multiple locations throughout Florida, to film a TV commercial campaign at one of their communities. We went to their St Petersburg, Florida location to learn more about the services they provide to their residents, take a tour of the facilities, and brainstorm ideas for the commercial.


Director Christian Cashmir and grip Sasha Sebesta film with our Dana Dolly and Sony a7S II.

Tampa video production services

Once we had a chance to sit down and speak with the marketing team and get a feel for the community, our production team was excited to draft a script for the project and provide our Tampa video production services. With multiple communities throughout Florida, Grand Villa is one of the more popular retirement communities among seniors, hosting a friendly staff, resort-like amenities, and high quality assisted living services.


Makeup artist, Nikki, puts final touch-ups on makeup before filming the 60′s flashback dinner scene

The video production process

Working together with Grand Villa marketing team’s Ben Rizzo and Clint Dockery, Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir and writer Mike Garland planned out a fun, emotional story to film. Over the course of a week, the team transformed the idea into a fully developed commercial production- complete with storyboards, costumes, cast, and crew. The concept of the shoot was to journey through the life of a woman at milestones in her life, shown through various decades encompassing the 1950′s, 1960′s, and present day. Our Tampa video production crew was ready to begin filming!


Steadicam operator Eric Coughlin, director Christian Cashmir, and Grand Villa’s marketing guru Ben Rizzo review footage in between takes.

Stocked, locked, and ready to rock, we drove our St Petersburg grip truck to Grand Villa to begin our first day of filming. Their St. Petersburg location was a great choice for production as it boasts tennis courts, a pool, coffee shop, multiple hair salons, and a grand dining room complete with its own cafe. With multiple areas perfect for cinematic storytelling, our crew began filming with our Tampa video equipment rental package. Using our Canon C300 mkII and Sony A7sII video cameras with Canon cinema lenses, director Christian Cashmir helmed the production, bringing his technical skill and directing expertise to the project. Alongside Steadicam operator Eric Coughlin, our Tampa video production crew flew in our Arri and KinoFlo 4 Bank lighting kits, and also filmed scenes on our Dana Dolly.


Our Florida video production crew films a scene on Steadicam for the Grand Villa commercial

We recorded a little time lapse of one filming location (shot by grip Sasha Sebesta):

On day two of the shoot, our Tampa video production crew planned to travel in time to the 1950′s. But, since our time machine was out of batteries, we decided on the next best thing: Johnny Rockets, a 50′s-style diner. Our crew loaded up our grip truck and set forth. With a vintage theme, leather seats, and decor reminiscent of the 1950s, Johnny Rockets was the perfect place to film a scene for the Grand Villa TV ad campaign. The quiet restaurant was transformed and set ablaze with colorful costumes, laughing actors, crew members, and of course a classic dish of ice cream. (The crew may have had refills)


Actors Lexi, Linda, and Chris during the second day of filming at Johnny Rockets, a 50′s-style diner.

Post Production Time

After a lively, creative shoot it was time to head back to our Tampa Bay video studio to begin the editing and post production process. We hired a top notch voice-over actress, who we captured in our sound booth and Tampa recording studio. Our post team even created a visual effect sequence to augment the great work our production crew started.


The cast and crew at Grand Villa St. Petersburg celebrate completing the first day of filming.

Our Florida video production crew had a great time working with the Grand Villa team on such a fun project. The TV commercial will air regionally in Florida. You can also watch the finished commercial below!

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Tampa Video Production Company Wins 5 Awards at 48 Hour Film Festival

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

It’s that time of the year again… The 48 Hour Film Festival!

From July 31st through August 2nd, filmmakers around the country created teams to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project’s Festival. Our Tampa video production company has participated several times (and even won in 2012!). This year, 28 teams around Tampa, and thousands around the world competed. Litewave Media’s team had 25 crew members and actors who helped bring our film to life. With only 48 hours, the teams had to write, film and edit a 7-minute short film – which would then be screened at a local movie theater the next week!

Our team was honored to be nominator for 9 awards this year! Here’s the scoop…

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Our Tampa 48 hour team gets ready to film!

Friday 7pm. Our Tampa video production crew went to the kickoff event for the festival. Our production coordinator, Ana Christina Sanchez, pulled our genre: “Fish out of water” from the hat. Besides the movie’s genre, teams were also given 3 essential elements that had to be included in each film to qualify for the contest. This year the character requirement was an investigator named “Michael/Myra Jillerson,” the prop was a “pair of pliers” and the line of dialogue was “Nothing can stop me.” After getting all the elements, it was time to get creative!

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Our writing team, Christian Cashmir, Jason Henne and our DP, Ryan Grosjean, writing the script at our Tampa video studio

9pm. Litewave Studios. After the kickoff event, our team met at our headquarters, Litewave Studios Tampa video studio, to brainstorm ideas for the story. When the brainstorming session, was over our writing team, Jason Henne, Christian Cashmir and Anthony Brock buckled down and finished the script to have it ready for our call time the next morning.

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Our director, Christian Cashmir, films with a Canon C100 from our Florida camera equipment rental

Director Christian Cashmir says, “The story centers around a group of friends playing a Dungeons and Dragons game who summon an other-worldly visitor. The exciting part of doing these 48 hour contests is the way it challenges us to be extremely creative while at the same time managing our time. It’s definitely one of the most fun events we take part in throughout the year!”

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Our gaffer, Andrew Ortoski and director of photography, Ryan Grosjean, setup the Dana Dolly for filming overhead shots

Saturday 9am. In the morning, our team of 21 crew members and 7 actors met at our location to start setting up and prepare for the adventure. With only 32 hours to go, the clock was ticking! We filmed most of the movie with 2 Canon C100s from our Tampa camera equipment rental and we also used a Sony A7S to capture slow motion footage. Our Florida video camera crew used a Dana Dolly and our Freefly Movi M5 camera stabilizer to get uniques angles and dynamic moving shots.

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Our Tampa video crew with the cast in between takes

Our Florida grip and lighting crew brought our Tampa grip truck to ensure we had ample gear for the shoot on location. Our lighting team lit the set with a variety of sources including Kino Flo Divas, an Arri 1K with soft Box, and Litepanel LED lights, all sourced from our Tampa grip and lighting rental packages. Over 50 candles were lit and scattered around the set. Crew covered windows and doors to simulate nighttime so we could shoot during the day. The film is set in a dark and mystical environment so the lighting and cinematography team wanted to adjust the location lighting to match the story.

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Our production design team adding candles to the location

Our Tampa costume designers had a blast outfitting the actors in quirky attire to match their characters’ unique personalities. Bridget Desjarlais created unique looks for each character, and local leather worker Joshua Von War-Bear pieced together a custom costume for a barbarian character.

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Christian filming Monster Washburn who plays the Barbarian

Saturday 10pm. With less than 24 hours to go, our Tampa post-production company started editing Saturday on-location to get a head start. Music, sound design and visual FX were added on Sunday at one of our Tampa editing suites. Our Florida post production company also color corrected the film, and Stephen Maxwell composed an original score for the movie.

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Our cast and crew reviews playback of a scene on set

Sunday 6pm. With only minutes to spare, the movie was finished right after 6pm and turned in on-time!

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Cast and crew of “That’s How I Roll” at the 48 Hour Film Festival movie premiere event

Our short film titled “That’s How I Roll” premiered on August 9th at the HCC Ybor Main Stage Theatre for the 48 Hour Film Festival screening event. Our cast and crew reunited at the premiere to celebrate our achievement and see the final product for the first time. Production Coordinator Ana Christina says, “It was a lot of fun watching all the other movies that were submitted to the festival. There is so much talent in Tampa Bay!”

To view our award-winning film “That’s How I Roll” click below!

Our 48 Hour Film took the festival by storm! Our Tampa video production company was nominated for 9 awards and won 5 at the 48 hour “Best of” Awards Ceremony!

We were honored to take home these amazing awards:

Audience Choice

Best Writing 

Best Cinematography 

Best Sound Design

Best Special Effects

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

Our award-winning Tampa production team celebrates at the awards ceremony for the 48 Film Festival

Our Florida video company is extremely proud of our team. We produced an award-winning film all in less than 48 hours, and had a blast doing it! We’re looking forward to screening our film at some upcoming festivals this year. We had an amazing team of filmmakers and actors and could not have done it without them! THANKS!

Our Tampa video production company films Tampa short film for 48 Hour Film Festival

The cast and crew filming on location. There’s a lot of love in that room!

Thanks to photographers Taylor Blake, Samantha Greene, Anthony Brock and everyone else who contributed photos to the gallery!

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The Skyship Chronicles Wins Awards at 4 Film Festivals

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

And the winner for Best Short Film is…

The Skyship Chronicles (Part One)!

If you haven’t seen the movie check out the trailer below!

Two years ago our Tampa video production company started production on the steampunk action-adventure short film The Skyship Chronicles. The film is set in Ireland, 1895 and follows the story of Molly Madigan in her quest to recover her grandfather’s stolen invention, the Potestatum, an all-powerful energy source. Our Tampa video crew filmed the movie in and around the Tampa Bay Area, as well as at our Tampa video production studio. After months of editing and work on visual effects, created by our Tampa post-production company, The Skyship Chronicles (Part One) was finally ready for the festival circuit.

The Skyship Chronicles crew and cast at premiere of the Film festivals

The Skyship Chronicles cast and crew on the red carpet at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival

The Skyship Chronicles (Part One) premiered at the Gasparilla Film Festival in Tampa, FL where it won “Audience Choice Best Short Film” and has been screened in several other Film Festivals around the country, including the Sunscreen Festival in St Petersburg, the Artemis Film Festival in Los Angeles, Geekfest in New Jersey, and many more. The steampunk short film is scheduled to screen in more upcoming festivals throughout the year.

The Skyship Chronicles crew and cast at premiere of the Film festivals

Jeff Zampino(producer), Christian Cashmir (director), and Ed Olsen (actor/Gustav) at the Gasparilla International Film Festival

The Skyship Chronicles (Part One) has been honored with different awards from a variety of festivals. Check out a list of awards The Skyship Chronicles (Part One) has received from the festival circuit:

Gasparilla Film Festival

  • Audience Choice Best Short Film

Innovative Film Festival

  • Best Web Series – Grand Jury
  • Best Cinematography (Short Film)

Sunscreen Film Festival

  • Best Web Series – Grand Jury

Tampa Bay Underground Film festival

  • Audience Choice Best Short Film
The Skyship Chronicles crew and cast at premiere of the Film festivals

Christian (director) and Jeff (producer) celebrate in the studio after winning Audience Choice Best Short Film from the Gasparilla Film Festival

The Skyship Chronicles (Part One) has also been selected to screen in several conventions. It is currently screening at the GeekFest convention. This convention travels around the country screening genre movies in a number of different states. The film recently screened in Atlantic City, NJ and it is scheduled to screen 15 more times around the country with GeekFest. It was also screened at one of the largest conventions in the country, MegaCon in Orlando. After the screening, the convention held a panel for the movie where fans interacted with our team including: director, Christian Schwier, costume designer, Bridget Bartley Desjarlais and actor, Josh Todd.

The Skyship Chronicles crew and cast at premiere of the Film festivals

Litewave Media cast and crew at The Skyship Chronicles MegaCon Panel

Besides being part of the festival circuit, a number of steampunk magazines such as Clockwork Magazine have written articles about The Skyship Chronicles (Part One). Our Florida video production company is extremely proud of our video production crew and cast and our achievements with The Skyship Chronicles (Part One). We have plans for the next episodes and can’t wait to continue telling the story of this swashbuckling web-series.

The Skyship Chronicles crew and cast at premiere of the Film festivals

The Skyship Chronicles cast and crew on the red carpet at the Sunscreen Film Festival

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Litewave Media Films Guiness Record Tightrope Walker Nik Wallenda for TIME

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Litewave Media was honored to receive a call from TIME magazine’s video department about filming an upcoming video series called The Ultras: Extreme Adventurers. The web series documents adventurers around the globe. The segment we filmed was on world renowned tightrope walker Nik Wallenda. (Please wait a minute for the video below to load)

Nik Wallenda is a 7th generation funambulist or more commonly known as a tightrope walker. His family has been challenging themselves and taking risks with acrobatics since the beginning of the 18th Century. Nik has broken several world records since he started performing on the high-wire. He is the first person to walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. Some of his other feats include: tightrope walking across Niagara Falls, walking between two Chicago skyscrapers blindfolded, and hanging from a helicopter with only his teeth. He has 9 Guiness World Records and he recently set another world record with his latest acrobatics challenge.

Litewave Media films private interview with Nik Wallenda

Litewave Media’s Christian Cashmir films an interview with Nik Wallenda

Our Tampa video production company was honored to film an exclusive interview with Nik Wallenda about his next high-wire performance for TIME Magazine. Wallenda walked on top of the observation wheel called the Orlando Eye, a 400-foot-tall spinning wheel, on April 29th. Unlike the tightrope walking, this new challenge was different in that the wheel was constantly moving so he had to keep pace with it as it rotated.

Litewave Media films private interview with Nik Wallenda

Christian uses the jib to film Nik walking the tightrope

Our Tampa video crew took our Tampa grip truck to the location in Sarasota. Christian directed the interview and operated the camera, Harold “Pinky” Hood served as lighting tech, and Ana Christina Sanchez was production assistant for the shoot. During the interview, Nik talked about his passion for tightrope walking, his family legacy and his next challenge – walking atop the Orlando Eye.

Litewave Media films private interview with Nik Wallenda

Nik walks on the tightrope he uses for training

Our Tampa video production crew captured Nik Wallenda training for his next tightrope walk. He utilizes a smaller practice rope where he polishes his technique before a challenge. During his strict training regimen, he simulates the environment he will be in when performing. To capture some dynamic b-roll Litewave Media brought out our EZ-FX Jib to film Nik on the tightrope. Christian and Ana Christina also traveled around Sarasota filming b-roll for the video. They filmed iconic Tampa Bay landmarks including the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and Tampa Bay to set the scene for the story.

Litewave Media films private interview with Nik Wallenda

Litewave Media crew Ana Christina Sanchez and Christian Cashmir with tightrope walker Nik Wallenda

Our Florida video company was extremely proud to meet and film with Nik and get some behind-the-scenes insight into the training for his next project. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for his next challenge!

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Litewave Media Films Training Workout Video Series for Renegade Soccer

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Happy 2015! We hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. A common New Years’ resolution is to get back into shape, after the holidays and so the Litewave Media film team decided to start working on this goal with the help of Renegade Soccer’s Training Videos. Our Tampa video production company  filmed a soccer training DVD series with co-founders Billy and J.R. from Renegade Soccer. We filmed a total of 12 discs with content that included ball technique tutorials as well as fitness training with some top soccer athletes from around the country.

Our Tampa video production crew films  renegade soccer video at our studio

Our production crew films the Renegade Soccer Fitness Training Videos at our Tampa video studio

The soccer workouts and exercises were filmed at our Tampa video production studio. We used three Panasonic P2 video cameras to get a variety of angles on the talent. We also used our 10 foot EZ FX Jib to incorporate more dynamic shots. To light the studio, we used a combination of Kino Flo lights and our new state-of-the-art Altman LED Cyc lights which have the ability to change colors without the use of gel. The soccer workout team decided to use a blue look to unify the branding of the DVD.

Litewave Media films Renegade Soccer founders, Billie and J.R, participating in the training video

Renegade Soccer co-founders, Billy and J.R, lead the training video

Christian (Litewave Media founder) operated the first camera which was mounted on the jib, Kenny Strawn was in charge of the second camera and Harold “Pinky” Hood worked the third camera handheld. Jeff  Zampino acted as script supervisor and Mike Barnett captured audio. Ana Christina Sanchez worked as production assistant. It was a long three days of soccer workouts, but we captured a lot of great footage. At the end of the shoot our Tampa production crew even got to try the workout…(we didn’t last very long, but it was fun!)

Our Tampa Video Production Crew participating in the soccer training

Ana, Jeff and Pinky get to try out the soccer training with Billy…(don’t worry they’re not on the DVD!)

Our Tampa post production company edited the DVD for Renegade Soccer, which will be available later this year for purchase. The Litewave Media crew will keep working hard and hopefully make lots of “goals” this year…we hope to make Pelé proud!

Do you want to film a Tampa fitness training video? Please contact us for a free consultation. You can like Litewave Media on Facebook to check out our latest video projects. Be sure to keep up with the blog for more Tampa video production news!

Litewave Media Takes To The Sky With Tampa Video Drone

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Over the past few months, Litewave Media has had the opportunity to experience the wonderful fall weather in Florida, filming several projects outdoors with our new jib and Tampa video drone. Our Tampa Video Production Company was excited to film with the DJI Phantom 2 Drone on some of our most recent projects.

Our Tampa video company has the drone in stock

The DJI Phantom 2 video drone in action filming over Bayshore Blvd. in Tampa.

The Phantom 2 video drone has changed the aerial video industry enabling production companies to get amazing aerial video footage and photography at a fraction of the cost of years passed. Litewave Media founder Christian Schwier says, “We love the Phantom 2 Quadcopter. It’s easy to use, affordable, and accessible for filmmakers including us. Our clients love the unique shots we are able to achieve too. We’re really excited about where aerial video is heading.”

Our Tampa Production Company films with the drone around Bayshore

The Litewave Media production crew and MBC crew members film with the video drone on Bayshore Blvd., Tampa

Korean News Station MCB recently contacted our Tampa Production Company to film an upcoming special about sinkholes and how they are affecting more and more cities. We filmed around Bayshore Blvd. in Tampa, Clearwater Beach and Winter Park. With the Phantom 2 video drone armed with a GoPro HERO4, we captured majestic aerial footage to support MBC’s news story.

Our Tampa Video Production Crew films with the Phantom 2 drone

Our Tampa video drone pilot and production crew films with the Phantom 2 at Walsingham Park

On another recent drone project, Litewave Media had the opportunity to work with our long-time client Health-e-Systems. Jill, their marketing director hired our Tampa Production Crew to film aerial video for a corporate brand identity project. The Litewave Media drone team captured stunning aerial footage of a stately oak tree and pond at sunrise in Walsingham Park in St. Petersburg, FL.

Tampa video production company sets up jib

Pinky and Nick set up the jib

We’ve enjoyed filming with the video drone, and we’ve also been able to play with one of our other new toys this fall, the 10 foot EZ FX Jib. We captured a variety of angles for the Health-e-Systems corporate video with the jib as well as the drone, to give the editors lots of footage and angles to cut the video together with.

Litewave Media's Health-e-System client checks out our new jib before filming

Nick and Jill from Healthesystems check out the EZ FX jib at Walsingham Park

We had a blast filming with the Phantom 2 and our new video jib for these two projects. Check out our Tampa video equipment list which includes the Phantom 2 video drone and the 10 ft. EZ FX Jib from our production company’s gear page.

Tampa video company films with jib

Nick and Jill from Health-e-Systems with Litewave Media founder, Christian Schwier

If you are looking for a Tampa aerial footage or video drone company or any other type of Tampa video production services contact us today. Please like Litewave Media on Facebook and be sure to keep up with our blog for more Tampa video production news!

Litewave Media Films for Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Our Tampa video production company had the opportunity to work with some amazing musicians this year. We filmed multi-Grammy award-winning jazz pianist Chick Corea last April for a live multi-cast and this month we had the incredible opportunity to film Justin Hayward lead singer of legendary classic rock band The Moody Blues for a PBS special. The special will be televised in the next few months. The project was directed by LA based documentary filmmaker and musician David Minasian, who came to Litewave Media for his Tampa video crew and Production Coordinating.

Litewave Media Films a Live Performance of Moody Blues for PBS

Litewave Media films a live performance of Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues

He hired Litewave Media’s founder Christian Cashmir to coordinate the shoot and film, and also rented 5 of our Panasonic P2 camera packages, lighting and grip truck, and audio equipment. Our Tampa film crew and our Tampa grip truck arrived early in the morning to the location and began setting up for the event.

Our Tampa Video Production Company Setting Up the location to film the Live Performance

Kenny and Christian from our Tampa Video Crew setting up for the live performance

We also brought our camera jib to get unique angles of the concert performance. Christian Cashmir was jib and camera operator, Kenny Strawn was also a camera operator and Harold “Pinky” Hood was Grip for the production.

Our tampa production crew using the jib to film the performance

Camera Operator/Production Coordinator Christian Cashmir filming the live performance

The performance took place at the Historic Capitol Theater in Clearwater. Tickets for the show were sold out and the venue was completely packed. People from all over Florida came to Clearwater to watch the music legend play all their greatest hits including Nights in White Satin, Tuesday Afternoon, Your Wildest Dreams and more. 

The audience stands up for the live performance

The audience gives a standing ovation for Justin’s performance as Christian captures the action on the jib

After the amazing performance by the band, our Litewave Media team had the unique opportunity to meet the lead singer of The Moody Blues, Justin Hayward, for a private interview. Justin talked about the history of the band, how they wrote their songs, and his solo career.

Litewave Media films an interview with Justin Hayware

Behind-the-scenes of Justin Hayward’s Interview

Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir says, “I remember listening to Moody Blues records as a kid on my Dad’s record player. It was quite an honor to meet Justin Hayward and film this concert.” Justin is currently on tour around the country, and we hope to have the opportunity to see him again live soon!

Litewave media team takes picture with Justing Hayward

David (director), Christian (Camera/Production Coordinator) with Moody Blues lead singer, Justin Hayward and crew.

Do you have a live Tampa concert performance or Tampa music video production you would like to film? Please contact us for a free consultation. Visit Litewave Media on Facebook, and be sure to keep up with our blog for more Tampa video production news!

Singer Sara Alina Partners With Tampa Music Video Production Company, Litewave Media

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

With her debut in 2014 approaching, singer/songwriter Sara Alina was seeking a Tampa film production studio to produce a series of music videos to coincide with her album release. After meeting with the Litewave Media team and touring the studio, Sara Alina’s management company formed a partnership, and collaboration began.

Sara Alina at Tampa's Litewave Studios

Sara Alina and director Christian Schwier collaborating in the studio

Litewave Media’s Tampa video company produced and filmed 5 music videos and an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) over the course of 2 months. “It was fun working with Sara and brainstorming concepts for each video, but it was also challenging because we had to maintain a consistent style and brand across all five videos. It was a big undertaking, but it was a very exciting opportunity for us,” adds Litewave Media founder Christian Schwier. One video will be released every 2 months right up until her CD release in Spring 2014.

The first two videos were filmed in Tampa Bay, Florida with three video cameras: a Canon C100, for the primary camera, a Canon 5D Mark III for additional angles, and a Sony FS100 for slow motion scenes. The Litewave Media camera crew included: director and DP Christian Schwier, camera operator John Jones and camera assistant Taylor Girard. Also on the music video team were set designer Jeff Zampino, chief lighting technician Andrew Ortoski, production assistant Harold “Pinky” Hood, choreographer Taylor Korin and make-up artist Anya Yushchenko. Editing, color grading and post production took place at our Tampa post production company with Schwier editing as well.

Sara Alina Music Video Set

Christian Schwier, John Jones, and Taylor Girard ready their cameras in the studio

The first video release was Sara Alina’s EPK. An EPK is an introduction to who an artist is as a person and what they do. The Litewave Media team filmed this video at various locations around St. Petersburg, FL to give it an organic feel as well as some shots at our very own Litewave Studios. Throughout the day the video crew followed Sara around town documenting and interviewing her about her inspirations and goals as an up-and-coming songwriter. “Shooting this EPK was a learning experience. It was a great way for our team to learn more about Sara as an artist as well as for her to introduce herself to the world.” With a professional Tampa production company along with great talent and a fun positive atmosphere mixed in, it’s hard not to produce something we can all be proud of.

Here’s the EPK!

After her EPK release earlier this month, Sara debuted her first music video this week on YouTube. It’s titled “No Love” and was filmed entirely in our Tampa video studio. The video takes a modern spin on all of the stereotypes of “love”. A professional break dancer (Mario Boskovic) was brought in to be the symbolic representation of “love”, and throughout the video he gets beaten down and crushed which is displayed in his break dancing. Choreography was implemented by Taylor Korin. “For one of the more interesting shots in the music video, our crew rigged a basket of rose petals and a Canon 5D Mark III sixteen feet above the break dancer,” begins Schwier. “As he danced, we filmed the rose pedals falling in slow motion from the ceiling above. It turned out really neat.”

Mario Boskovic Tampa Break Dancer

Break Dancer Mario Boskovic Takes a “Love” Beat Down

Seeing Sara tear a few heads off of teddy bears and smashing a vase of roses all while delivering a sassy smile surely made this music video unique, and we really enjoyed making it.

Here’s “No Love”!

UPDATE 11.5.13
Sara’s 2nd music video “Fly” just went live this week. Be sure to check it out. It was filmed entirely in St. Petersburg, FL in downtown St. Pete, Fort Desoto Beach, and at Litewave Studios.

Make sure to keep a look out later in the year for the other music videos that we produced for Sara Alina!

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